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About Our Juice & Smoothie Bar in Merrillville, IN

We proudly opened our doors in Summer 2016. We wanted to promote a healthier lifestyle with freshly-made juices that are filled with fruits and vegetables. And thus, Ms. Peaches Juice & Smoothie Bar was born.

My Husband's Story

Our journey with living a more healthier lifestyle started when my husband was diagnosed with hypertension. Just like most wives, I scheduled his annual check up, however, this Doctors visit was different. He had been experiencing pains in his head and sometimes would feel as if he was going to faint. Our family doctor ran his labs, took his blood pressure and it was extremely high. They wanted to put him on medication and he realized that he might have to take it the rest of his life.

After speaking with family members about his diagnosis, our Aunt suggested that he change his diet. She bought him things that he needed to make smoothies everyday for breakfast. We then started making fresh juice at home. When he went back for his follow up appointment, all of his levels where fine.

My Story

I was overworked and stressed working what should have been a 9 to 5 daily, which turned into 60 hours a week easily. I am a wife and a mother of 7. I was constantly trying to be everything for everyone and neglected myself. I gained weight, I was constantly tired and didn't have the energy to do anything. I started juicing fresh vegetables and fruits. I immediately saw a difference in my energy levels and I also begun to loose weight.

We realized that there weren't many options in our area for fresh juice and smoothies so we decided to open one. After looking for the right location, My husband had the great idea of cutting his barbershop in half and suggested that we open up a Juice and Smoothie Bar.
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